Opreto Security Workshop

Strengthen Your Cybersecurity with Threat Modeling

A Workshop Tailored to the Unique Needs of Your Business

Enhance your team's cybersecurity practices with threat modeling as the foundation.

In this practical workshop you will acquire the knowledge and skills to proactively manage cybersecurity threats. We will dive into essential topics like zero-trust architecture, secure cloud computing practices, and secure software development and architecture.

This is a hands-on workshop that includes a review of your software architecture, exploration of threat categories and attack vectors, and an understanding of ransomware mechanics.

At the end of the session each attendee will earn a professional certificate that demonstrates their cybersecurity skills in threat modeling.

Contact to set up your workshop

Contact our Solutions Architect for an exploratory consultation to tailor the content to your unique goals, size of your team, and the format of delivery.

Duration: 4 hours

Size: 4-25 attendees

Format: The workshop can be delivered in your offices, or through a remote session to accommodate distributed teams. The workshop uses Miro for an interactive experience.

Rate: $495 USD per attendee

Pricing will be confirmed based on the size of your team, and the format of delivery. In-person workshops will incur additional travel expenses.

Workshop Agenda

Architectural Review

We will lay the foundation for the workshop with a collaborative review of your team's high-level architectural diagrams. This session aims to align all team members to ensure success of the workshop.

Identifying Assets and Trust Boundaries

We will identify the critical assets within your system to understand where trust boundaries lie. This step is crucial in pinpointing what needs protection and where potential vulnerabilities may exist.

Threat Categories and Attack Vectors

We'll review common threat categories and specific attack vectors that are particularly relevant to your organization's architecture, to help focus on real and pertinent threats.

Ransomware Mechanics and Trends

An insightful discussion on the mechanics of ransomware attacks and current trends. Understanding these aspects is vital for modern cybersecurity defenses.

Collaborative Risk Assessment

We will engage in a comprehensive risk assessment, considering the identified attack vectors in relation to your organization’s unique architecture. This collaborative effort helps in pinpointing areas of highest risk.

Action Items Review

We will conclude with actionable steps for your team to ensure that the insights and strategies discussed during the workshop are translated into practical measures.


This workshop is designed for software development teams and IT organizations across key sectors, including healthcare, education, and industrial enterprises.


A basic understanding of your organization's software architecture is beneficial. We also require initial architectural documentation for review prior to the workshop to tailor the session to your specific needs.